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Edible and Medicinal Plants

I was recently asked to co author a book on wild edible and medicinal plants.  This would be a small sized, spiral bound book which would be easy to carry with you.  There will be photographs and descriptions to help with identification.  This book will also contain information about which parts to use and what to do with them plus how to grow them in your yard.

Expected publishing date is mid November.

I have also updated my book What About Herbs?  The updated version is now available as a PDF and will be available soon for Kindle and Nook.

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Tonight I will be teaching a composting class at Woods Cross High School through the Adult Community School.  Anyone old enough to sit and listen is welcome.  $10 registration at the door.

Saturday I will be teaching two 30 minute classes on edible plants for indoors and out at the Utah Preparedness Expo, Sandy, Utah.  One class will be held at 10 a.m. and one at 6 p.m.  Both classes are free once you are at the Expo.  Tickets to the Expo are $8.  A discount may still be available online with the promotional code Prepare

If you would like to schedule a class for your neighborhood, family, friends, or organization just let me know.  More details are here.

My website calendar lists  classes and other events open to the public.

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Parking Strips

Grass in a parking strip* has never made sense to me.  All that mowing, watering, etc and what is it used for?  If you are going to have grass in your landscape use it for sitting and or playing for you, your children, or your pets.  We don’t usually sit or play in a parking strip.  If you are going to sit in your parking strip why not create seating instead?

* Parking strip:  the strip of land between the sidewalk and the street.  Depending where you live it may be called: mow strip, berm, besidewalk, boulevard, boulevard strip, city grass, curb lawn, curb strip, devil’s strip, easement, furniture zone, grass bay, grassplot, hellstrip, nature strip, neutral ground, park strip, parking, parkway, planter zone, planting strip, road allowance, road verge, roadside, sidewalk buffer,  sidewalk lawn, sidewalk plot, snow shelf, street allowance, street easement, street lawn, swale, terrace, tree belt, tree lawn, utility strip, verge

So, instead of grass, plant (or replace your grass) with drought tolerant plants, groundcovers, or edibles.  Check your city ordinances and HOA rules before installation to see what is allowed.  If your city or HOA requires you to have a lawn there work to get the ordinances or rules changed.

Why replace the grass?

Less water
Less work
More food production (I would recommend not growing edibles within 2′ of the road due to car exhaust)
More attractive

Main Street  Downtown Bountiful, Utah Kale along with ornamental plants

Main Street Downtown Bountiful, Utah
Kale along with ornamental plants

Parking Strip Salt Lake City, Utah  thanks to  Timmi Cruz edibles including artichokes, kale, swiss chard, and herbs

Parking Strip Salt Lake City, Utah thanks to Timmi Cruz. Edibles including artichokes, kale, swiss chard, and herbs

More photos: Garden Inspire on Facebook

If you are thinking “How would I do this?”

Contact me and I can help you

More information:

Wild Ginger Farm

Rip Your Strip

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Why I Don’t Use Recycled Tires



Tires are recycled as rubber mulch, garden edging, tree rings, and by homeowners for raised beds, growing potatoes, and other gardening projects.

When you are driving,  your tires pick up toxins from the roadways including gasoline and oil. Maybe this is cleaned off the tires before use. Maybe not.  Also, consider what cleaners are used to remove them.

Tires contain materials that I would prefer not to have in my landscape. There are studies indicating that these leach into the soil.

If using rubber mulch and you ever want to remove it Good Luck!  Since it does not decompose like bark or other organic mulches it would be difficult if you change your mind and want it out.

Tires stink. The smell of tires while sitting in a tire shop makes me feel sick. I want nice smells in my garden such as herbs, flowers, and healthy soil – not tire smell.

If you need some more reasons or information:
PDF about rubber mulch including references

Dangers of Recycled Tire Mulch

Home Turf Disadvantage

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Pesticides and Herbicides

Herbicides really are pesticides – the pest is plants in this case.

I have several links on my site on pesticide information – two just added today.  Please read this information so you are more aware about these products which are  used on lawns, flower beds, vegetable gardens and other parts of landscapes.

Think these pesticides are necessary?  There is also information here about what you can do instead.

Please read this information and share with others!

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On The Radio

I’ll be a guest on Vitality Radio (1280 AM), Saturday, May 10, 9 – 10 a.m., Salt Lake City, Utah, probably the first 15-20 minutes.
You can also stream

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