10+ Ways to Protect Your Landscape From Deer

Deer visiting my yard can be an exciting but frustrating experience.  If we could only teach them how to prune and weed properly!  Some of the following may help reduce deer browsing in your yard.  Some people have success with one method and others report the need to periodically change what they are doing.  In Alaska, Moose were the untrained gardeners.  Good luck and let me know what works for you!

  1. Soap – especially Irish Spring – placed in net bags or nylon stocking and hung from trees or shrubs. One bar can be cut into 4-6 pieces.
  2. Coyote urine clips to attach to branches or trees and shrubs. Coyote spray will have an overwhelming scent so the clips are a better option.
  3. Deer repellents – Liquid Fence, Deer Off and similar products contain eggs, garlic, hot pepper – not for use on edible plants.
  4. Blood meal (sold as a nitrogen fertilizer) or Blood Meal/Chili Powder mix sold as a repellent – works best on plants growing close to the ground such as tulips.
  5. Dog hair or unwashed human hair placed in net bags or nylon stockings and hung from trees, shrubs, or trellises.
  6. Fertilizing with liquid fish emulsion is great for plants and said to repel deer. Use a hose end sprayer set at 1 T per gallon. I like to mix it with equal amounts of liquid kelp.
  7. Deer tend to dislike smelly, fuzzy plants such as lavender. Planting such plants around those you want to protect may work as a repellent.
  8. Planting things deer tend to dislike.  Deer have been known to eat plants that they typically do not like.  Also, sometimes they take a bite and spit it out.  List of deer resistant plants
  9. Deer fencing.  Needs to be tall enough so they can’t jump it – 7′ or more.
  10. Deer netting.  Placed directly around plants to be protected.  Like bird netting but tougher.
  11. Mark your territory. Urinating around the perimeter of your yard has been shown to repel deer. Be sure you really do have privacy or use a container and spread it around afterwards.