A Garden Coach? What Is That?

Many people think about someone coming to install their entire landscape or someone drawing a blueprint for their landscape or maybe even have someone weed their garden or prune their trees.

Garden coaching is less familiar but becoming more well known.

A garden coach comes to your property to assist you. A garden coach may do a variety of things to help you know how to garden or help you learn more about your landscape.

These may include:

  • What to plant where. Want to plant a vegetable garden but you don’t know the best spot? Ever purchase a plant because you liked it and then try to figure out where to plant it?
  • Plant identification. Have you moved to a new home and want to know what is already there? It is sad when someone rips out a plant because the didn’t know what it was.
  • Pest identification and solutions. Want to know what is causing a problem in your landscape? Whether it is an insect, disease, environmental problem, too much water, or some other cause it is nice to know the best solution.
  • Teach you how to plant, how to compost, how to switch to organic methods, and other garden instruction.
  • How to maintain your landscape whether it is pruning, watering, mulching, lawn care, or other skills to help your yard looks the best.
  • When to do what. When is the best time to plant? When is the best time to prune?

A garden coach can save you time and money in the long run by helping you to do things right the first time. In addition to one-on-one garden coaching I also teach gardening classes. For upcoming class and other other event information please see my website calendar or follow Basil & Rose on Facebook (my brick and mortar store where some classes are taught).

Beuna Tomalino, Garden Coach

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