A List of Things To Do In Your Fall Garden

A list of things to do in the Fall:

Start a Compost Pile – composting information




Fertilize with organic lawn fertilizer– helps root growth over winter

Apply pre emergent – corn gluten meal– prevents weed seeds from germinating (only if not overseeding your lawn)

Remove leaves from lawn – mow, mulch, compost


Topdress with compost

Seed or overseed lawn (do not use corn gluten meal when planting seed)

Mow until the first frost

Lower mower height for the last mowing to 1 ½ – 2”

Water until first hard frost

Winterize sprinkler system – shutoff, drain

Drain and store hoses


Garden Beds, Shrubs, Trees

Cut back perennials if brown, remove annuals and weeds – add all except weeds to the compost pile (cutting back can be done in Spring if you prefer)

Clean out vegetable garden whenever you are done or around first frost/before first hard frost – pick, sell, preserve, or donate produce

Divide and/or transplant perennials

Plant perennials, shrubs, trees

Plant spring flowering bulbs


Plant fall flowers, vegetables, and annuals – pansies, mums, lettuce, spinach, peas, kale

Wrap bark of young trees – helps to prevent sunscald, cracking,  deer damage

Wrap evergreens with burlap if desired

Water trees, shrubs, perennials until the ground freezes

Trees and shrubs – Prune dead or broken only

After first frost – mulch plants which might frost heave – use straw or leaves

Remove fallen fruit – compost

Prepare Square Foot Garden beds

Overwinter geraniums indoors if you want to save them for next year – dig up and place in a brown paper bag, replant in the spring or grow inside in a pot all winter

Prepare tender plants to move indoors



Clean out underneath lawn mower – disconnect spark plug first

Add fuel stabilizer to gas cans and gas powered equipment if there is gasoline inside

Check mower blades – need replaced or sharpened?

Check hand tools – need replaced or sharpened?

Wipe hand tools with steel wool or a damp cloth and apply oil or store in sand/motor oil mix

Be sure all batteries are charged

Check extension cords for cuts, frays,etc



Cedar shredded bark around foundation – insect prevention

Orange Guard or similar spray around foundation – insect prevention

Hang Christmas lights – before snow fall

Plan garden for next year

Write down successes, failures,varieties you liked, etc

Check online for catalogs – order those you want to receive

Learn from books, classes, pruning demonstrations so you are better prepared next year.  Sign up on this site to receive gardening information by email and/or check my calender for gardening classes or schedule your own class.