Learn to grow your own food!

I am excited that you have chosen to learn to grow your own food and herbs and learn about wild edible plants.

– Beuna Tomalino, Garden Inspire

I am delighted that everyone who uses my garden coaching knows they are getting a unique, personalized experience helping them grow their own food.

Before I created Garden Inspire and after getting my degree in horticulture I was a landscape designer. One day while at a farmer’s market selling fresh cut herbs and promoting my business a man stopped and offered to pay me to pick my brain. Afterwards he told me that if I taught gardening classes he would like to attend. I found a temporary location for teaching classes where I taught Square Foot Gardening, Herb Growing, Composting, and other classes related to food growing. From there I began teaching more classes at various locations and then began one-on-one coaching after realizing that I love teaching people how to garden.

One of the classes for my degree was a native plants class. I never forgot my enthusiasm for the subject and eventually had the opportunity to co author a book on wild edible plants. Unfortunately that book is no longer available however I created sets of wild herb card decks, hold wild herb walks, and continue to teach wild edible plants classes.

For at least 25 years I have had the plan to open a retail store selling herbs, edible plants, organic gardening supplies, and garden themed products  – as many as possible from small companies and local artisans. That dream became a reality in 2019 with the opening of Basil & Rose in Bountiful, Utah.