Find Locally Grown Food, Farmer’s Markets

Find locally grown food, community gardens, farmers markets, yard sharing and other places to grow your own food or find local food.

American Community Gardening Association  – community gardens

Best Farmer’s Markets

Eat Local Grown – find local farms, ranches, farmer’s markets, and more

Eat Wild – find local ranches and farms or that ship food

The Farmer’s Garden– buy, sell, trade, or give away produce

Farmer’s Market Online – locate a farmer’s market

Farmish – app for local food and farms

Falling Fruit – Worldwide map of locations for foraging and harvesting

Farmer’s Pal – Farms, markets, classes, products, organizations

Green Urban Lunchbox

Local Grow – connecting farmers and consumers

Local Harvest  – Farmer’s Markets, Community Supported Agriculture, Farms, and more

Pick Your Own  – Find a pick your own farm, picking tips

Ripe Near Me – Find local produce or share your excess harvest

Utah Farmer’s Market Network

Utah’s Own – Find Utah raised food, farmer’s markets, farms, and  more