Gardening In Unconventional Ways and Place

Gardening does not need to be a section in the back corner of your property or typical flower and shrub beds. Check in to other options.

Aquaponics  – grow produce and raise fish

Back To Eden documentary – excellent documentary on using compost, no tilling, and other ways to learn gardening from nature

Rip Your Strip – remove your lawn and grow water smart plants. If growing edibles in your parking strip I would recommend keeping 2′ minimum between the edibles and the street due to contamination from car exhaust.

Square Foot Gardening – a specific type of raised bed gardening. Attract gardens that don’t need to hidden in the back of your property. Requires less water, less weeding, fewer seeds.

Edible Landscaping – grow edibles in many parts of your landscape. Edible plants can be used in place of or in addition to ornamental plants. Contact me for classes or one on one coaching.

Beuna, Garden Coach