Growing Rosemary Indoors

Growing rosemary indoors can sometimes be difficult. These tips maybe helpful.

Rosemary is sometimes hardy in my climate (zone 6) depending on the variety, winter weather and where it is planted.  For outdoor growing in my climate I recommend the variety ‘Arp’. ‘Hills Hardy’ rosemary is also said to survive most winters here.

If you grow rosemary indoors for whatever reason here are some tips you may find helpful.

  • When watering rosemary, check the soil moisture first by sticking your finger into the soil.  The soil should be almost dry.
  • About every third time you water pour the water over the rosemary plant.  If you water this way every time you may notice a whitish color almost like someone had dumped some flour on it.  This whitish color is from powdery mildew.  Watering every so often this way provides some humidity.
  • Keep your rosemary plant away from furnace vents, doors, and other sources of blasts of cold or hot air. A dish with small rocks immersed in water placed nearby increasing the humidity near your rosemary may help.
  • Harvest as desired by cutting off pieces of branches to use with potatoes, chicken, fish, pasta sauce, breads or as your imagination takes you.  Never remove more than 1/3 of the plant