Learn How To Garden

Garden Coaching/Landscape Consultation, Shopping Assistant, Gardening Classes, Books, Ebooks, available to help you learn to garden.

I love teaching people how to garden especially helping them to grow their own food organically no matter where they live.

Choose the way or ways you prefer.

What is Garden Coaching?

I can personally instruct you at your home and/or by phone on how to plan, plant, maintain, identify plants, identify and control pests, harvest your garden or whatever your gardening or landscaping needs may be.  Whether you need help beginning, caring for, or using your garden I can show you how.

As a garden coach I can:

  • Identify plants in your yard
  • Help you know what to plant where, when, and how
  • Teach you how to transplant
  • Teach you how to start seeds
  • Teach you how to grow edibles in your landscape other than a typical garden spot
  • Identify pest problems and teach you control methods
  • Teach you easier methods of gardening
  • Help you switch to organic methods
  • Help you grow at least some of your own food whether you have a yard or live in a condo, apartment, or townhouse.
  • Teach you how to prune
  • Teach you lawn care
  • Assist and instruct you at your own home
  • Mentor you in your gardening journey
  • Suggest plants for your yard and where to plant them
  • And much more

Garden Coaching/Consultation Options

  • Pick Your Brain/Mini Coaching Session
    What is a Pick Your Brain Coaching Session?
    Just have a few questions?
    Sign up for a Pick Your Brain session
    15 minutes on the phone – $15 – let me know dates and times that work best for you. Pay by credit card or PayPal.
  • Phone Consultation/Coaching
    Not able to meet with me in person? Schedule a phone coaching session. $35 per 1/2 hour – available for Utah or any part of the U.S. Pay ahead by Credit Card or PayPal. You may want to email me photos prior to our session. Contact me with your phone number, period of time desired, and times of day and dates that would be convenient for you. You will receive an email confirming which date and time.
  • Individual in person session
    $95 per hour. Schedule one visit, ten visits, or whatever you need. Schedule one at a time or several at once.
    For areas more than 30 minutes from Bountiful, Utah an additional minimum of $20 per 30 minutes of travel time for the first hour per trip. Travel fee may be waived if I will be meeting with at least two people in the same area around the same time. Pay at time of service or pay ahead by credit card or PayPal.

Schedule a coaching session

Shopping Assistant

Do you wish you could have some one accompany you and advise you when you are searching for plants and gardening products? I would love to help you when you are visiting are garden center or nursery. You pick the location or I can give suggestions based on your location and what you are looking for. $30/hr, 1/2 hour minimum. Transportation may be extra depending on location. Schedule

Gardening Classes

Check the calendar for current classes or schedule a class for your club, neighborhood, or other group. Classes available on a wide range of gardening topics including composting, organic gardening, herb growing, edible landscaping, Square Foot Gardening, wild edible plants, Gardening In Survival Times, and seed starting.

Private classes are $10 per person. Minimum of 5 attending in addition to the host within the area between Layton, Utah and 45th South, Salt Lake City.  Contact me for minimums if class will be held outside of that area.

Classes for non-profits are no charge as long as transportation and food and lodging (when necessary) are provided for areas farther than 20 miles from Bountiful, Utah.

Contact me for more information or to schedule a class.

Wild Herb Walks

I hold walks in nature to help you learn how to identify and use wild edible plants.

Books & Ebooks

Books I have authored and wild herb  card decks are available to help you learn to identify edible plants including herbs and grow herbs. For information and locations for purchasing.