Oh No! I Didn’t Get My Garden Planted!

Oh No! I didn’t get my garden planted!

Has this ever happened to you? You can still get a harvest with a late start to garden planting.

Maybe life got in the way or the weather wasn’t cooperative or you moved. Whatever the reason sometimes we don’t get things planted as we planned.

For the first time this year that has happened to me.
So, what do you do?

  • It’s not too late for some vegetables.  In my area and many others it is not too late to plant warm season crops so I will be planting today. Check this blog post to get an idea of when to plant what.  First I will check the weather report. Since it is past mid May normally the weather is regularly warm enough that squash, tomatoes, and peppers will be fine. I always check the seven day forecast first just to see what is expected. After planting I check every day in case of expected low temperatures (anything under 40 F), hail, snow, etc. I did get some tomatoes started from seed so I have those ready for planting.

Tomato Seedlings

  • Plan for fall. Cool season crops such as spinach, lettuce, and cilantro can be planted again in later summer as weather begins to cool. You may get by planting these now in a spot of shade. Why not give it a shot? You’ll be out just a few seeds and a little time.
  • Plan ahead in case this happens again. I would recommend this even if you are sure you will get everything planted in a timely matter. I certainly did not expect that I would not get my early vegetables in. Even though I did not get anything planted I had plenty in my yard for harvesting. I had planted perennial herbs and vegetables plus had a few “weeds” that could be harvested: lovage, sorrel, lemon balm, mint, multiplier onions, dandelion, mallow, plantain. I also had annuals that reseed themselves including miner’s lettuce. The kale that I had planted 3 years ago and let reseed has reseeded since. I have a variety of fruits including currants, rhubarb, goji berry which produce earlier in the season.

Miner’s Lettuce

  • Grow edible houseplants. My houseplants include a pepper, herbs, and citrus trees.


  • Don’t forget sprouting and/or micro greens to add some home grown freshness to your meals.