Organic Lawn Care Products

Suggestions below for products to help you grow a healthy lawn. If you haven’t yet seen my YouTube video on organic lawn care you can see it here: Grow A Healthy Lawn Organically

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Many items can also be purchased at Basil & Rose in Bountiful, Utah

If you are considering a lawn mower this is one that I love. I haven’t used a gas powered mower for years. The EGO mower’s batteries are interchangeable with their trimmer, snowblower, and chainsaw which I also have and love. Batteries charge quickly and there has been plenty of power for my needs.

A rain gauge properly placed can give you some idea of whether or not you need to water. Much better than just guessing how much precipitation was received.

Organic lawn fertilizers provide slow release of nutrients and don’t harm soil life so help you have a healthier lawn. This is a good option for newly planted lawns or if you will be putting grass seed down to thicken a lawn or for a new lawn. If you want to control weeds check out Concern below instead. Fertilizing with either Lawn Restore or Concern once in the spring and once in the fall works great for a healthy lawn.

Concern lawn fertilizer is an organic fertilizer which also contains corn gluten meal to prevent seeds from germinating. It will not kill existing weeds but provides prevention. Do not use where you will be planting grass seed because it will stop them also. Using Concern once in the spring and once in the fall provides the best help for weed protection.

Bonide’s Maize is a spray corn gluten meal but does not contain fertilizer. This could be used with the Lawn Restore above or if you have already put down another type of fertilizer and don’t need either Lawn Restore or Concern. Do not use where you will be planting seeds because it will stop the grass seeds from growing. Maize can be used in other parts of your landscape where you will not be planting seeds but where you want to prevent weeds.

Neptune’s Harvest is a fertilizer that could be used any time. I use it on my entire landscape plus for my houseplants. When sprayed directly on leaves the plant receives nutrients quickly. Watering it in allows the plants to receive the nutrients more slowly. I spray Neptune’s Harvest on the leaves and water with it. You can use it every two weeks if desired of if you feel that your lawn or other plants need something a little more.

For existing weeds Bonide’s Weedbeater FE will help with weed control without harming the lawn. This organic weed killer uses a certain type of iron to kill non grassy plants. You can purchase it in either form depending how you want to apply it and the number of weeds you have. Be sure you are getting Weedbeater FE. Weedbeater without the “FE” in its name is not an organic weedkiller.