Square Foot Gardening With Kids: Learn Together

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Mel Bartholomew’s top-selling Square Foot Gardening books have made his revolutionary garden system available to millions of people. Now work with your children on creating and growing a Square Foot Garden.

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In Square Foot Gardening with Kids, Mel reveals his tips, tricks, and fun projects in one of his most cherished pursuits: teaching youngsters to build and grow a SFG of their own.

The easy geometry of the gridded box breaks the complex world of gardening into digestible bites for enthusiastic young learners, and the sequence of tasks required to grow plants from seeds is repeatable and reassuring.

Kids learn many valuable life lessons when tending their own garden — such as the importance of following instructions and doing your chores, basic skills like counting and water conservation, and learning to appreciate the nature of food and why it is important to respect it.

Most importantly though, they learn that growing your own food is both fun and rewarding.

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