Seeds and Garden Planning


Yes, it is the time to be thinking about seeds (in case you weren’t already).
Planning, Ordering, Planting.

Think about what you want to grow.  What will you eat? What that is new to you would you like to try?  Do you write a list last year of what you planted, how much, when, and where?  This would be a good time to start for this year.

Where do you want to grow it?  Outdoors? Indoors?  Where outdoors or indoors?

When do you need to plant it?  Are you starting the seeds indoors? Winter sowing the seeds outdoors?  Planting in March, April, or May?

Once you know what, how much, where, and when to plant you may be ready to start purchasing your seeds.  Soon is a good time.

Seeds can be started now for things you want to plant outside in March.  Here in Utah March is a great time to plant cabbage and broccoli outdoors. I start some peppers now because even though they like warmer weather peppers tend to be slower germinating and growing than some other vegetables.  I start some tomatoes now too so I can plant a few early with protection.  I’ll start the rest later to be planted in May after the soil warms up.   Lettuce, spinach, arugula, and cilantro are among the herbs and vegetables can be planted from seed outdoors in March because they like the cooler weather.

Some sources of heirloom and open-pollinated seeds (so you can save the seeds for replanting if you want to): Seed and Plant Sources