Why Plant Perennial Herbs Now?

Perennial herbs such as sage, thyme, lavender, rosemary, oregano, winter savory, and mint have medicinal use as well as culinary. This is certainly not a complete list of the possible perennial herbs you might want to grow. These herbs are also good at repelling pests. Many people are interested in the medicinal use of herbs for a variety of reasons from concern about “traditional” medicine to concern about emergencies where medical personnel and supplies may not be readily available. Herbs also can provide some interest to food when fresh food may not be so readily available – especially if you are already in the habit of eating food that is not bland.  Whatever reason you have for growing herbs if you plant now and begin using them you will already be familiar with their uses when you may need them.

Perennial herbs once planted can give pleasure and usefulness for many years. However, the woodier perennial herbs grow slower at first so the sooner you plant the sooner you can harvest.

Why wait to plant them?

Maybe you have just been putting it off.  Or, don’t know where to plant them or where to purchase plants? Search this site for the herb you want to grow to find tips for growing locations. My books also provide information about how to grow and use a variety of herbs. I sell herb plants and seeds at Basil & Rose in Bountiful, Utah. If you are in a different area my book also lists sources for herb plants and seeds.

Are you renting or otherwise not in a permanent location? Plant in pots for easy moving to a new location or ask your landlord about improving the landscape with some herbs. You may get to learn about and enjoy some herbs with a little labor and no expense to you.

What should you start with? Which herbs do you use now – even in the dried state? Sage, thyme, lavender, and rosemary are the slower growing on the above list so you may want to begin with some or all of them. Oregano and mint are faster growing. I would begin with plants for all the herbs listed instead of seeds. Some are only available as plants. Others grow slowly enough that a head start using a plant may speed things up considerably. Oregano is so variable that I think it is best to smell the plant before you buy. When planting oregano from seed you don’t know what you will get. I would recommend planting mint in a pot so it does not take over your yard.

Are there other reasons you have delayed growing your own perennial herbs?